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Posted in NonTech at Thursday, 18 August 2005 00:40 W. Europe Daylight Time

Today (actually yesterday by now) Julia from Vienna, our first Hospitality Club guest, left heading to Cuba. She arrived on sunday and I was the one to pick her up at the train station. In the evening we went to Markus' birthday party which was nice as always. The next day I had a pretty big hangover since I had too much of the good draught and other things one might imagine. Julia was able to gather additional travel information from Markus and Claudia which were in Cuba for about 3 weeks last year. She was even happy enough to lend a travel book from them.

On monday she intentionally planned to leave Leipzig to catch her flight to Cuba. At the airport she realized that due to some mistake in her appointments book the flight was booked for sunday, the day she arrived. Fortunately she got the chance to book another flight for only 99€ on wednesday, leaving from Frankfurt/Main. She went back from the airport for another two days in Leipzig and Martin and I welcomed her the second time. Due to some work on monday and tuesday I didn't have the chance of showing her the city center so she started exploring it on her own. I think she liked it pretty much as she said she would like to move to Leipzig when she's got the chance to live in Germany again. After all, we had two relaxing evenings with nice conversation and well prepared meals. Today (again, yesterday by now) at 6:30 she left to Halle to get her lift to FF/M. I hope she enjoyed her stay the same way we did!

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