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Beyerdynamic DT 880 Headphones

Posted in Hi-Fi at Saturday, 10 December 2005 19:34 W. Europe Standard Time

Now that I am at work most of the time I decided to give myself a pair headphones as an early Christmas present. Leipzig's Weihnachtsmarkt which is located in front of my office was also a good reason buy these because the "music" playing there the whole day long and other sound pollution spreading around is nothing but enervating to me.

I've done a little research online and then checked the local Saturn store to see what they are offering. There I found a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 880 that were reduced from 250 €. The short sound check (Nothing else matters by Metallica played with a 50 Hz hum indicating bad grounding) inside the large store promised nothing special, so I decided to rely on the very good reviews by Audio and Stereo.

Beyerdynamic DT 880

Back at work I connected the phones to my machine and was surprised. The bass is pleasantly heavy, mids and highs are presented very clear and clean. There's also a good spatial resolution. I often refer to "analytic" describing such presentation, which is the way I like to listen to music. The feeling of the phones surrounding the ear is very comfortable. No pressure marks, even after hours wearing them. The half-open headphone design allows listening to music at high volumes without disturbing co-workers.

You may ask why one should spend that much money just for headphones. At least, others to that.

  1. Unlike your computer, or your car, your headphones will never wear out or become obsolete. I hesitate to say lifetime, but they're multiple decade investments at the very least.
  2. The number one item that affects the music you hear is the speakers. Without a good set of headphones, everything else is irrelevant.
  3. The right headphones can deliver sound equivalent to extremely high-end floorstanding speakers worth thousands of dollars.

I don't fully agree to point 3, but that's as always a matter of taste and how much you're into high fidelity. For you Hi-Fi enthusiasts, take a look at the Stax SRS-4040!

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