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Running Scripts Invisible

Posted in Tools and Software at Thursday, 23 March 2006 18:24 W. Europe Standard Time

I wrote a little helper program that runs scripts invisible instead of showing the sometimes nagging black-and-gray CLI window.Command Line

The first parameter passed to the tool is the script file to run. The remaining parameters are passed to the script as its parameters. Pretty easy.

RunInvisible.exe Script [Parameter1] [Parameter2] ...

You may check for errorlevels in your own scripts if something goes wrong.

Errorlevel Description
-1 General assertion error, command line may be too long.
0 Operation successful.
1 No arguments passed. That is, the script parameter is missing.
2 Memory allocation failure.
3 An error occured while starting the script using CreateProcess.

DownloadDownload the executable or the source code.

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