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Posted in Geek Mode at Thursday, 06 July 2006 23:51 W. Europe Daylight Time

In online communications abbreviations are pretty common to express otherwise rather long parts of a sentence. I've been introduced to the realm of these shortcuts when I was 15. During these days T-Com provided free internet access in the Gera's broadcasting centre of the regional TV station on saturdays. I've been hanging out on IRC with friends who sat next to me the whole day.

Even though I'm using a small number of abbreviations fairly often there are people who ask me over and over again about their meaning. In the end I feel compelled to the type the abbreviation twice, the second time along with an explanation. For all our convenience, here's a list of the abbreviations I mostly use.

Abbreviation Long Version
AFAIK As far as I know
ASAP As soon as possible
BTW By the way
FYI For your information
IIRC If I remember correctly

BTW¹, Arwen has arrived and runs pretty fast.

¹ See above :-)

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