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TED Presentations (Definitely Worth Spreading)

Posted in Presentations at Thursday, 17 May 2007 01:50 W. Europe Daylight Time

For everyone that likes lively and interesting presentations like I do, let me recommend a site that I've become attracted to lately. TED is an annual conference with no particular topic like the ones I've got to know during my last years at university. Instead, the organizers pick a theme like The Pursuit of Happiness in 2004.

Since I subscribed to the TED video feed (highly recommended) I've watched some hours worth of interesting and entertaining presentations on

After you've watched some of these, don't miss the hilarious parody by Tom Rielly closing the 2006 conference.

You see, there's a wide variety of topics covered, each presentation taking up no more that 20 minutes. I find that their site is bit difficult to navigate, but that doesn't harm the great content it provides. TED talks give insight into various aspects of humankind, science, our society and art previously unbeknownst to me in such a way that I now view some issues with a broader perspective. It's nothing short of fascinating to see new ideas and thoughts brought up concisely and to the point like at TED, simply blasting my mind and urging me to soak up more content.

Anyone who wants even more after these ~160 minutes of joy, see my compiled list of "great presentations" (at least to me) over at my links.

Now on to my latest coding project for the next big thing we're doing at our local user group. I was planning to realize a web application to submit talk proposals with Subsonic and the MVP pattern (after watching the excellent Polymorphic Podcast series), but Torsten has imposed some nasty requirements like an Access "database" thwarting my noble intentions.

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