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At GROSSWEBER we practice what we preach. We offer trainings for modern software technologies like Behavior Driven Development, Clean Code and Git. Our staff is fluent in a variety of languages, including English.

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.NET Bootcamp: Unit Tests

Posted in .NET | BDD | DNUG Leipzig at Saturday, 07 February 2009 16:19 W. Europe Standard Time

In ungefähr einer Woche, am 16.02.2009, findet das zweite .NET Bootcamp der .NET User Group Leipzig statt. Das Thema lautet diesmal Unit Tests und wird neben einer Einführung in das Testen auch Test-Driven Development und Behavior-Driven Development aufgreifen.

Die Organisation des Bootcamps findet wieder nach dem Konzept “Lernen durch Lehren” (LdL) statt. Das heißt, dass jeder Teilnehmer im Vorfeld zwei Fragen als “Hausaufgabe” bekommt und seine Ergebnisse während der Veranstaltung vorstellt. Ich werde die Rolle des Moderators übernehmen, Fragen klären, weitere Aspekte aufzeigen und sicher auch etwas von den Teilnehmern lernen.

Wie unser erster Testballon auf dem Gebiet LdL zum Thema .NET Framework 3.5 ist dieses Bootcamp mit 19 Teilnehmern überbucht. Offenbar kommt LdL gut bei unseren User Group-Mitgliedern an, aus Sicht der Organisation kann ich dies jedenfalls bestätigen!

.NET Open Space 2008

Posted in ALT.NET | DNUG Leipzig | .NET at Thursday, 16 October 2008 23:31 W. Europe Daylight Time

Tomorrow around 3 P.M. I will be heading to Leipzig's Mediencampus Villa Ida to finish the last preparations of the first .NET Open Space 2008 in Leipzig, Germany.

The .NET Open Space 2008 is an "unconference" in the style of Open Spaces and was inspired by the recent ALT.NET conferences in London and Seattle. That is, we as attendees decide on the actual topics of the sessions: There's no separation in speakers, attendees and the organizing team. Thus, every participant is responsible to make the best of the coming weekend; discuss, inspire, chat, meet people, party and travel home with lots of new ideas. We hope that a lively conversation will take place.

The open format allows us to skip the sometimes lengthy negotiation with speakers that Torsten and I went through for the last .NET Summercamp in 2007. Instead Stefan, Torsten and I harnessed our otherwise wasted spare time to build an extensive list of sponsors that allow for a pretty decent list of supplies and a couple of free products and books that we don't raffle but rather lay out all day long to let each attendee actually have a look at what's in for him and vote who should get the product.

I wish us 85 a great weekend!

Introducing Graffiti-UserGroups for Graffiti CMS

Posted in DNUG Leipzig | Graffiti CMS at Tuesday, 06 May 2008 19:22 W. Europe Daylight Time

It's been a while: Sometime last August the SharePoint hosting contract for the .NET User Group Leipzig ran out and since then we basically didn't have an online presence. Our .NET Summercamp 2007 conference and a couple of smaller User Group events took away their share of spare time so I didn't find time to create our new home page. Over the last couple of months I evaluated several Content Management Systems for our to-be-developed homepage and what can I say, I was a bit disappointed. One CMS to remain unnamed showed very buggy behavior when setting up basic navigation elements and DotNetNuke had some scary CSS to override for custom layouts and uses tables all over the place.

Two months ago I came across telligent's Graffiti CMS. Delightful! They really appear to be driven by their "Content Made Simple" concept. Not only do they have a nice Ajax-y administration UI, Graffiti also provides an extremely simple and efficient extensibility model. The NVelocity template engine is also very easy to grasp. (NVelocity is part of my beloved Castle project.)

I started implementing some macros for the User Group events, and soon it became clear that this might be something other User Groups might want to use as well. Thus, the open-source Graffiti-UserGroups project was born.

Basically we wanted to provide a list of recent and archived events with custom metadata and enable attendee registration. Speaking of metadata, this includes:

Event Detail

  • Start and end dates
    • and time, optionally
  • Speaker
  • Location
    • A default location should be set if no location was entered.
  • Maximum number of attendees (due to space limitations)
    • Again, a default maximum should be set if no value was given.
  • Registration recipient e-mail address
    • A default address should be used if no e-mail address was given. We sometimes host events in cooperation with the local Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) so the address can change for MSP events.

This enables some neat use cases:

  • Registration for one or more events using a web form without needing to write an e-mail.
  • Automatic e-mails to the attendee and the event organizer.
  • The notion of waiting lists for events that are booked up.
  • iCalendar item downloads for Outlook that are created based on the metadata above.

Registration Page

All functionality can be implemented using Graffiti's extensibility points, a plug-in in this case. A plug-in can subscribe to certain events in the application, jump in and modify data (see default values above). Another extensibility point which is heavily used in Graffiti-UserGroups is the notion of custom "Chalk" macros compiled into .NET assemblies. For example, there's a set of macros to display and format event data without the need to write complex "standard" Chalk statements.

An extra bonus for the Graffiti-UserGroups newbie is the Demo Site Setup Wizard which configures your Graffiti site, including sample posts and a registration page. (Also see the video below where I demo the initial setup which is finished in minutes.)

Demo Site Setup Wizard

To make a long story short(er) I've recorded a screencast that shows you how to set up the demo site quickly on your local machine.

Click to watch video

Don't forget to take a look at the new .NET User Group Leipzig homepage to see the macros in action. Also check out the source code on Google Code!

Session Manager Available On CodePlex

Posted in ASP.NET | DNUG Leipzig | Tools and Software at Monday, 10 September 2007 20:09 W. Europe Daylight Time

Our Dilemma

For this year's .NET Summercamp 2007 we find ourselves in the lucky position of having more speakers and session suggestions than slots available. What we needed was a session suggestion and rating system allowing our speakers to submit proposals that could later be approved by us. Of course there are large conference management systems out there, often with boatloads of unneeded functionality like billing. We rather wanted to use a simple tool at no cost.

The Solution

So I went and wrote it myself an ASP.NET 2.0 web application. The outcome of my efforts, named Session Manager, is available on CodePlex. Session Manager is free software licensed under the BSD License.

Session Manager Screen Shot

If you're running a user group or plan to organize larger events besides regular user group meetings, Session Manager certainly is worth a try. If you find it not yet perfect, please go ahead grab the source code and customize it to your needs or post a suggestion. I already wrote down some ideas on improvements.

Session Manager was a great opportunity to build an application with the Model View Presenter and WebNavigator patterns in mind. One has to write a little more code (mostly interface definitions) but gains great testability and portability across web and rich clients.


I've created a demo installation based on the current version. Go ahead and fiddle, you can't damage anything.

Have fun!

Vortrag zum Thema Erweiterbarkeit von Visual Studio 2005

Posted in DNUG Leipzig at Saturday, 05 May 2007 10:30 W. Europe Daylight Time

Torsten ist es gelungen Roland Weigelt für das nächste Event der .NET User Group Leipzig zu gewinnen. Roland ist Autor des mehrfach ausgezeichneten Visual Studio Add-Ins GhostDoc. Mit GhostDoc, das vor wenigen Tagen in der Version 2.0.0 erschienen ist, wird das Erstellen von Code-Kommentaren zum Kinderspiel. Am 06.07.2007 um 19:30 Uhr beginnt der Vortrag der folgende Erweiterungsmöglichkeiten von Visual Studio vorstellt:

  • Code Snippets,
  • Item und Project Templates,
  • Wizards,
  • Makros,
  • Add-Ins.

Aufgrund Rolands Erfahrung bei der Entwicklung von GhostDoc wird der Schwerpunkt auf der Bereitstellung von Add-Ins liegen, die anderen Themengebiete sind aber auch für Visual Studio-Einsteiger sehr interessant.

Die Veranstaltung ist natürlich kostenfrei und es gibt sogar wieder etwas zu gewinnen. Wir bitten um unverbindliche Anmeldung. Vielen Dank an unseren Sponsor Synexus GmbH, der im Übrigen gerade auf der Suche nach .NET-Entwicklern ist.

Alle Informationen zusammengefasst:

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