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At GROSSWEBER we practice what we preach. We offer trainings for modern software technologies like Behavior Driven Development, Clean Code and Git. Our staff is fluent in a variety of languages, including English.

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dasBlog 1.9 Released

Posted in dasBlog | Design at Friday, 22 September 2006 15:16 W. Europe Daylight Time

After a long time since the last release Omar decided that we're eventually ready to release dasBlog 1.9.6264. Why I say we? Well, I've joined the development team and contributed some stuff.

In the 1.9 release, you'll find the User Click Throughs in the admin area. This features pulls out those click throughs that are performed by real persons and not some Google/MSN robot. You can configure robots based on user agents and domains in the SiteConfig\robots.config file.

There are other things I've contributed, for example passwords inside SiteConfig\siteSecurity.config are now encrypted. No need to bother about passwords in shared hosting environments anymore. The German translation has been extended by me and is now level with the English resources. There are parts of dasBlog that are not prepared for localization, though.

Read more about the new features on Scott Hanselman's blog.

With the current release we provide dasBlog buttons and badges for the first time. The current set is available here.

dasBlog Blue dasBlog Gray dasBlog Green dasBlog Red
dasBlog Blue dasBlog Gray dasBlog Green dasBlog Red

I'm adding more artwork in other formats later.

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Weblog Layout Update

Posted in dasBlog | Design | General at Monday, 11 September 2006 00:33 W. Europe Daylight Time

After sticking to a hastily created customized dasBlog theme for a year I spent today in front of Photoshop and SelfHTML and redesigned some parts of this weblog. I've included some new images, removed most of the gray boxes framing visual elements and made the text a little bigger. I found that bigger fonts help reading large texts especially on monitors with higher resolution so you don't loose the line-endings every so often. These changes hopefully improve the readability of the page and perhaps you'll find it looks a little more Web 2.0-ish. ;-)

Hope you like it!

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Vista Cursors

Posted in Design | Windows at Thursday, 29 June 2006 02:01 W. Europe Daylight Time

Another post from the Vista customization category. As I read here someone has extracted the Vista mouse cursors from Build 5465 in order to make them available on Windows XP today. The decision to switch to the new cursors after sticking to the 3D cursor set for the last six years (whew) was conceivably an easy one. The direct download is over here.

Aero Cursors

I've used these two animated "busy" cursors in my old cursor set. If you like them, here's the download.

Animated Box Cursor Animated Metallic Cursor

Update: Marci has created two orange-themed cursor sets based upon the Aero cursors above.

Aero Cursors (Orange) Aero Cursors (Orange Sparkle)

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Consolas Font Available for Download

Posted in Design | Geek Mode | Visual Studio at Wednesday, 03 May 2006 20:52 W. Europe Daylight Time

As you may have read somewhere else, Microsoft has decided to put the Consolas font (as included in Vista) online for download.

Consolas Font Sample

For those of you who haven't got the chance of peeping into Vista (and copying the font files) but like to write the occasional program/markup in a neatly presented manner, take a look at this beautiful fixed-width font. Best to be displayed on a ClearType-enabled display.

Besides changing the monospaced fonts of your IDE, browser and text editor I recommend changing the font of the console window in order to make things consistent.

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Windows Vista Features on XP Today

Posted in Tools and Software | Design at Saturday, 15 April 2006 12:09 W. Europe Daylight Time

There are some utilities available today that mimic some UI features of Windows Vista. Here are some I use:

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