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At GROSSWEBER we practice what we preach. We offer trainings for modern software technologies like Behavior Driven Development, Clean Code and Git. Our staff is fluent in a variety of languages, including English.

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Alive and Kicking (Again)

Posted in Geek Mode | Networking | Tools and Software at Friday, 23 June 2006 20:59 W. Europe Daylight Time

Last week, on June 15th at 3 A.M. our server decided that it is time to retire the hard drive carrying the operating system and let it issue nothing more than the well-known sound of crashed heads. Goodbye Gandalf, you modest fellow who served our purposes well since December 2003.

We're currently running on a hastily set up backup system. That is, our WLAN access point has become the primary DSL router and Marci reinstalled the server on a 40 GB hard disk uselessly mounted in an even older server machine. Of course, the interim solution is not as well configured as one might expect: applications and services are missing, shares are non-existent, IIS MIME types are not set, ... the list goes on.

The rest of the hardware we've been running on will be taken out of service as well because a Dual Celeron 466 is just not what we need (anymore). We've already ordered a new server, a Dell PowerEdge SC430. Apparently, it's the smallest server manufactured by Dell, but a Pentium D 820 (Dual Core 2,8 GHz) with 1,5 GB of ECC'd RAM and a 80 GB RAID 1 should be enough for our demands.

Dell PowerEdge SC430

nLite LogoI've already finished preparing and testing the Windows Server 2003 R2 installation CD that was customized using nLite. It's a graphical tool that creates an ISO image based on the original installation media. Speaking of customization, you can create a fully unattended setup including device drivers, service packs and hotfixes. There is a vast amount of other options to pre-configure the user experience, add hidden or remove unwanted functionality. For instance, Windows Media Player is not really needed on a server machine, whereas IIS should be installed by default. Pretty neat!

Let's see if the machine behaves well until the new PowerEdge (named Arwen) comes to life!

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Consolas Font Available for Download

Posted in Design | Geek Mode | Visual Studio at Wednesday, 03 May 2006 20:52 W. Europe Daylight Time

As you may have read somewhere else, Microsoft has decided to put the Consolas font (as included in Vista) online for download.

Consolas Font Sample

For those of you who haven't got the chance of peeping into Vista (and copying the font files) but like to write the occasional program/markup in a neatly presented manner, take a look at this beautiful fixed-width font. Best to be displayed on a ClearType-enabled display.

Besides changing the monospaced fonts of your IDE, browser and text editor I recommend changing the font of the console window in order to make things consistent.

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Chat Transcript

Posted in Fun Stuff | Geek Mode at Thursday, 19 January 2006 01:13 W. Europe Standard Time

01:02 Alex: nochn schöner shortcut für den TC: Strg+W schließt einen Tab
01:03 Robotron: Benutze keine Tabs! ;)
01:03 Alex: lamer!
01:04 Robotron: Ich bin die Pussy!

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Computer Scientists == Criminals

Posted in Geek Mode | Fun Stuff at Friday, 23 December 2005 13:07 W. Europe Standard Time

No comment on this one...

[Via Dinge, Zeugs und Sachen]

A Computer Department's Strange Password Policy

Posted in Geek Mode at Friday, 16 December 2005 22:29 W. Europe Standard Time

The main computer department (computing centre) of the University of Leipzig has a rather exceptional password policy. The error message on top says the the password I tried to set is too long, i.e. it must not be longer than 8 characters.

Password is too long

Update: As Karsten pointed out this is due some legacy Solaris system the users accounts were migrated from.

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