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Dell Axim X51v

Posted in Tools and Software | Mobility at Thursday, 08 June 2006 22:23 W. Europe Daylight Time

I recently got hold on a Dell Axim X51v PDA. I'm going to see how the device fits into my daily workflow managing tasks and appointments. The device runs on Windows Mobile 5 and has a really great looking 480x640 high-resolution display. Characters appear crisp and clear, a nice reading experience.

Dell Axim X51v

From the beginning I had problems using the device. The original firmware had a bug that turned off the device completely after a random amount of time. It is especially annoying if you're missing an appointment because the PDA decided to have a little nap. Strangely enough the updated firmware for my German device was only available on the Dell's English website. Dell's German web site has only the English version listed.

Now with firmware revision A01 the only thing that fails after some hours is the Compact Flash card. Unfortunately this is where I store my podcasts and the only thing that helps is to reboot the device. How could I recommend my roommate Silke buying this PDA?

I've found some tools that I consider indispensable to operate a WM5 device smoothly. Some of the built-in functionality isn't really usable, for example the task manager. As always Microsoft relies on third party vendors to enable better usability.

  • WisBar Advance
    A task manager that shows running processes as icons next to the start menu. No more guesswork which applications are currently running and easier task switching. WisBar has a vast set of options that allow you to tweak your Pocket PC experience.
  • PocketMusic
    A Winamp-like music player.
  • IM+
    Instant messaging for Jabber, ICQ, AIM, MSN and Yahoo protocols.
  • Mobipocket Reader with Wikipedia
    Mobipocket is an e-book reader application. A stripped-down version of Wikipedia without images eats about 550 MB of external memory (i.e. Compact Flash). Mobipocket and Wikipedia are available free of charge.
  • Total Commander
    The best file manager ever as a free version for Pocket PC.
  • Adobe Reader for Pocket PC
    Opens PDFs on the mobile device.

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Friday, 28 January 2011 20:09:17 (W. Europe Standard Time, UTC+01:00)
Funny, I have had the some problem with the "little nap" problem myself. Annoying for sure as I have gotten very used to relying upon my phone as my calendar. Nice choice with the cranberries as well. THanks, Roberto
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