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Posted in General at Friday, 27 October 2006 23:38 W. Europe Daylight Time

WebSnapr of this pageGunnar (back from a two-month vacation in India) pointed me to a Web 2.0-ish service named WebSnapr. The service basically does what you might know from Alexa and the CustomizeGoogle extension for Firefox: It creates thumbnails of websites that can be embedded in your blog. Neat!

Update: Gunnar suggested integrating WebSnapr into the blog itself, which is easy. Just reference the WebSnapr JavaScript file in the blog template. dasBlog users having the "Unique title" option turned on (that is, the year, month and day of the post are included in the path), please be sure to include the script in your homeTemplate.blogtemplate as follows:

<script type="text/javascript" src="<URL to your blog>scripts/previewbubble.js"></script>

Replace <URL to your blog> with the actual URL of your dasBlog instance. If you use a relative URL and have the aforementioned option turned on this will result in a HTTP/404 for the requested JavaScript file.

Future versions of dasBlog will be likely to support the BaseUrl macro which returns, well … the base URL of your blog! I've just checked in the macro code.

<script type="text/javascript" src="<% BaseUrl %>scripts/previewbubble.js"></script>

Now assign the previewlink class to each anchor that should be previewed. Try it out by moving your mouse over these links: Microsoft, CNN, Google.

I was wondering why the WebSnapr scripts (here's another one with more eye candy) use the class attribute to mark the links as to be previewed. I consider the rel attribute more appropriate because various microformats and LightBox are using them. Rel also integrates better with Windows Live Writer as is displays a rel ComboBox in the "Insert Hyperlink" window.

Another update: dasBlog supports a feature called Click-Through which basically tracks all links clicked inside your blog posts. It's a nice feature that allows the blogger to stay informed what kind of content readers like. If Click-Through is turned on, all URLs inside blog entries will be replaced with <URL to your blog>/ct.ashx?id=<Blog entry ID>&url=<URL-encoded original URL> which of course breaks WebSnapr previews.

The updated WebSnapr script includes a fix for Click-Throughs by simply removing the prepended Click-Through URL and decoding the original link URL.

DownloadDownload an updated WebSnapr JavaScript library that supports the rel attribute and dasBlog Click-Throughs.

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Friday, 12 January 2007 07:48:34 (W. Europe Standard Time, UTC+01:00)
Danke. :-)
Tuesday, 03 June 2008 06:21:14 (W. Europe Daylight Time, UTC+02:00)
snapcasa serves about 21K snapshots daily to two of my domains. They are as reliable as websnapr but do not have the watermark or the horrible ad like websnapr. Other services were constantly down. I have used snapcasa for two months now and am very happy.
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