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Slowly they return...

Posted in NonTech at Wednesday, 28 September 2005 17:19 W. Europe Daylight Time

Late yesterday evening Marci came back from Thailand. Krissi, Robert and me picked him up at the train station for a warm welcome. We drove home, dropping off Krissi at her place, and Susi was already waiting at the hallway. Although she came way too late to meet us at the station, she luckily had to wait just about 15 minutes. Marci had a lot to tell us about Myanmar, Thailand, the pedestrians of Bangkok and also showed us the nice disease he got for our enjoyment. Pretty neat bottom, man! Unfortunately he had to clink glasses with water because alcohol may delay his recovery. Nevertheless, there are other ways to eat bread and butter with great relish...

I am happy that again somebody else besides me and Snowball is present in the apartment! Silke and Gesa are returning in mid-October, then we'll be complete again.

There will be a "Kartoffelsuppe" welcome "banquet" sometime the next days, you're welcome to join us!

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Krissi is back

Posted in NonTech at Monday, 26 September 2005 16:40 W. Europe Daylight Time

After six month of internship at T-Whatever in the United States Krissi came back to Leipzig yesterday evening. I invited her for some real German food (after eating almost the whole time out in Thai/Indian/Korean/Japanese restaurants she's supposed to eat something home-made). We started with some cups of delicious Chai at her place in the afternoon, having a really interesting and funny conversation that lasted until 3 A.M. There was a whole lot to tell me about her life and work in Sterling, VA and the Americans, especially her Indian friends Elvis and Ravi. We watched the photos that she took the last weeks on her tour through the western parts of the US. One could really envy her for having the chance to travel through the beautiful landscape of Death Valley, Grand Canyon and the Rocky Mountains.

Welcome back my little gem (did I type that?), I wish you all the best for the rest of your studies! I'm looking forward to accept your invitation to a Indian meal. :-)

Rezept: Bechamelkartoffeln

Posted in Recipes (German) at Monday, 26 September 2005 16:21 W. Europe Daylight Time
  • Pellkartoffeln
  • 5 mittelgroße Zwiebeln, fein gehackt
  • 50 g Schinken, gewürfelt (kann für ein vegetarisches Gericht auch weggelassen werdem)
  • Butter
  • Mehl
  • Milch
  • Käse
  • 3 Lorbeerblätter
  • Salz, Pfeffer

Pellkartoffeln kochen, zum Abkühlen beseite stellen. Währenddessen Zwiebel schneiden und in 2 EL Butter mit dem Lorbeer glasig dünsten. Schinkenwürfel hinzugeben. 2-3 EL Mehl darüber stäuben, gut umrühren. 1/2 l Milch dazu geben, aufkochen und warten bis die Soße dick wird. Mit Salz und Pfeffer abschmecken. Es kann recht würzig werden, da die Kartoffeln nicht gesalzen sind. Kartoffeln in Scheiben schneiden und in eine Auflaufform schichten, dann Soße darüber verteilen. Wiederholen bis Soße oder Kartoffeln alle sind. Zum Schluß mit Käse bedecken und für 30 Minuten in der Röhre backen.

Rezept: Aline's Nudeln

Posted in Recipes (German) at Tuesday, 20 September 2005 23:42 W. Europe Daylight Time


  • Spaghetti
  • getrocknete Tomaten (ca. 6 Stück)
  • 1/2 Glas Kapern
  • 1/2 Glas schwarze Oliven ohne Kern
  • 4 Tomaten
  • 2 mittelgroße Zwiebeln
  • Olivenöl
  • ca. 250 g Serrano- oder Parmaschinken
  • Parmesan
  • Pfeffer aus der Mühle


    • Nudeln kochen
    • Zwiebeln würfeln, Oliven halbieren, getrocknete Tomaten kleinschneiden
    • Schinken ebenfalls zerkleinern
    • frische Tomaten kleinschneiden (Schale kann dranbleiben)
    • Zwiebeln in der Pfanne in Olivenöl anbraten
    • frische und getrocknete Tomaten, Oliven und Kapern hinzugeben, 5-10 Minuten köcheln
    • zum Schluß den Schinken hinzugeben (darf nicht so lang braten weil er sonst zu trocken wird)
    • leicht pfeffern, Salz ist meist aufgrund der getrockneten gesalzenen Tomaten nicht nötig
    • Nudeln abtropfen und mit der Soße vermengen
    • mit geriebenen Parmesan servieren

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    RAID 1 payed off

    Posted in Geek Mode at Saturday, 17 September 2005 10:35 W. Europe Daylight Time

    Tonight the Intel Application Accelerator reported that one of my new (!) hard drives failed.

    Intel Application Accelerator Tray Icon

    I think it's the one I bought two months ago according to the SATA port it is attached to. I will let Seagate's diagnostics tool analyze the cause of the failure and issue a RMA request next week... Until I've got the new drive the RAID will work in degraded mode, i.e. I am able to work without additional data protection. Why can't things just work?

    Intel Application Accelerator

    As for user-friendly error messages, this is what the Intel utility tells me about the error:

    Event 1
    Time Stamp: 0x1C5BB195F0011C6
    Function Code of Request: 0x2A
    Unsuccessful Retries: 1
    Error Code: 0x3
    Additional User Info: 0x301

    For the weekend I'll head home visiting friends and family and, of course, go voting.

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    Installing Windows on a HP Pavilion ze4500 Notebook

    Posted in Geek Mode at Thursday, 15 September 2005 22:16 W. Europe Daylight Time

    This week a friend of mine gave me his HP Pavilion ze4500 laptop to letting me install Windows and the common set of applications. His hard drive crashed after it was incredibly slow for some weeks. HP was nice enough to replace the drive.

    However, I decided not to use HP's own recovery CD but a "real" (non-OEM) Windows installation I customized using nLite. Of course, there were not all notebook-specific drivers included in this package. The drivers for video, networking and modem were available through Windows Update and the HP support page, but Windows refused to gather drivers for the WLAN device in this machine (a Pavilion ze4526EA namely). HP's other support page doesn't show it as well and a Google search for the PCI Vendor ID/Device ID wasn't successful either. I had to call HP support to find the drivers for the LAN-Express 802.11b WLAN card (SP23038). The support people told me that there they built models with a LAN-Express card and a Broadcom card. However, the LAN-Express drivers are not listed on the support page (wheras the Broadcom drivers are on the English support page). That's not what I expect from a company like HP.

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    RSS for Dummies (A short Introduction)

    Posted in Tools and Software at Wednesday, 07 September 2005 16:47 W. Europe Daylight Time

    This is a short introduction to RSS for all of you who don't have a strong technical background or a degree in CS. I'll try to keep it short and as simple as possible and use normal language, so you won't be confused with strange words.

    I am trying to cover the following questions:

    1. Why RSS?
    2. What is RSS?
    3. How to leverage the potential of RSS?

    1. Why RSS?

    With the upcoming of the Internet, personal homepages sprouted. These sites were updated occasionally and the user was obliged to browse for new content using his/her web browser of choice. For some years, blogs (also referred as web logs) have been around. These sites are likely to be updated more often, so it is a very cumbersome task to have a look at each page that you're interested in. You may miss new content or even will have to read articles twice, searching for new stuff. The goal of RSS is to hand this task over to some software component.

    2. What is RSS?

    RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. That is, RSS helps to aggregate the content of a particular site and deliver it in a way that a computer program is able to understand it. RSS is updated as new content is published, so the RSS feed of a site is always in sync with the homepage you see in the browser.

    3. How to leverage the potential of RSS?

    Now let's switch to the best part: There are programs that allow you to subscribe sites you're interested in. These so-called aggregators download the RSS feed of a site and presents it in a unified way. One may be reminded of e-mail clients:

    RSS Bandit Screenshot

    This is a screenshot of my favorite RSS aggregator. As you can see there's the list of my subscriptions on the left side. On top under "Feed Details" there is the list of items of the subscription that were published by the site's owner. Bold items are unread. The reading pane on the lower right part shows the contents of the items. These are the same as on the page itself, although formatted a little different.

    You may have noticed orange RSS Icon and XML Icon images on some pages you've visited. These buttons are there to let you know that there's a RSS feed available for the site. The address (URL) linked by those images is the one an aggregator can handle. After you have subscribed to the site, your aggregator will query this URL periodically and tell you when there's new content available.

    All you need is an RSS aggregator. There are many available, and most of them are free software.

    You see, RSS is a powerful and yet comfortable way to subscribe to content you're interested in.

    The URL of the RSS feed of this page is Feel free to let this be your first subscription.

    A note to the geeks: I know that I have omitted all the interesting stuff. :-)

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    Posted in NonTech at Tuesday, 06 September 2005 18:55 W. Europe Daylight Time

    For some weeks the light bulb inside the fridge wasn't working. After an undeterminable amount of time it eventually broke. I bought a new one last week, nevertheless each time I take a look inside the fridge, I am surprised it works again. I even think about it being turned on all time, although I know that it is switched off when the door is shut. Stupid me.

    Finally, I've found it!

    Posted in NonTech at Thursday, 01 September 2005 13:49 W. Europe Daylight Time

    Whoo-hoo! Great news today! :-)

    For some years I've been looking for a particular song that I've seen/heard in a commercial on TV advertising some relax/chillout compilation. I didn't buy the compilation just to get the song and decided to wait until it crosses my path in the future. Unfortunately the commercial didn't show any info about the track. Yesterday, on the way back from Cospuden lake we heard the last 3 seconds of it on MDR 1 Radio Sachsen. I wrote an e-mail to their editorial department asking for the details of the song they played around 8:27 PM. Today morning MDR's Eberhard Mende responded giving me the details: Jan Hammer's "Crockett's Theme" is the song I was looking for about seven years. Splendid!

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