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.NET Open Space 2008

Posted in ALT.NET | DNUG Leipzig | .NET at Thursday, 16 October 2008 23:31 W. Europe Daylight Time

Tomorrow around 3 P.M. I will be heading to Leipzig's Mediencampus Villa Ida to finish the last preparations of the first .NET Open Space 2008 in Leipzig, Germany.

The .NET Open Space 2008 is an "unconference" in the style of Open Spaces and was inspired by the recent ALT.NET conferences in London and Seattle. That is, we as attendees decide on the actual topics of the sessions: There's no separation in speakers, attendees and the organizing team. Thus, every participant is responsible to make the best of the coming weekend; discuss, inspire, chat, meet people, party and travel home with lots of new ideas. We hope that a lively conversation will take place.

The open format allows us to skip the sometimes lengthy negotiation with speakers that Torsten and I went through for the last .NET Summercamp in 2007. Instead Stefan, Torsten and I harnessed our otherwise wasted spare time to build an extensive list of sponsors that allow for a pretty decent list of supplies and a couple of free products and books that we don't raffle but rather lay out all day long to let each attendee actually have a look at what's in for him and vote who should get the product.

I wish us 85 a great weekend!